Conanicut Island is widely known summer destination but not during the hottest days the spot is super-busy. All year long the island is visited by people from all over the world. And this is mainly because in Conanicut you can find the greatest aggregation of art galleries and museums all over the whole East Coast.

Indeed, the city of Conanicut has been always developing as a local centre of art and culture. Many popular, mostly European artists used to come to Conanicut to create their greatest works.

Conanicut is well known agglomeration of art galleries.

Conanicut is well known agglomeration of art galleries.

The climate of the island has been always considered to be very favourable for the artists’ activity. They maintained the atmosphere of the place is very inspiring. Well, who once visit this place can not disagree. The whole area of the island of Conanicat, including enormous forested surfaces make this spot a wonderful place to get a break, calm down, relax. However the real quintessence of Conanicut is the city centre.

The Millan's Gallery

The Millan’s Gallery

The whole city is full of cultural spots interesting hardly the city inhabitants, mainly the youth but this is at the heart of the city when you confined the  best of them and the greatest amount of them. Indeed the centre is a real agglomeration of art galleries and museum – both old as well as fresh ones. The residents of the island are mostly well educated people appreciating such kind of pleasure – visiting art galleries, museums, theatres – that is why all the places are well maintained. During this 1 day trip we will not be able to visit all the great spots – unfortunately.

However we will take you to the best ones. We will start in Barkley’s Gallery – the first gallery that was set up in this city. Yes, the spot is very old as the great opening took place in 1868 and since then the gallery has been working till today. We can find there pieces of arts of such masters like Donnie Caravan or Alexa Mild. Right next to the Barkey’s is located The McMillans’ Gallery.

The McMillan Family is well known blue blood family and it is worth mentioning that the whole island of Conanicut is very entwined with the Millan Family for centuries. According to legend the city was set up by Edmund Miller – very respected nobleman, one of the most prominent forefathers of the line. The next gallery we will visit is The Art Gallery of The Conanicut Island, where we will have a chance to admire masterpieces of the most noble painters born just in the island. This is something incredible to see the best works of the city’s ex inhabitants in one place. Man of them show the history of Conanicut so you can be sure you will learn a lot from this trip.


  • Take this one day trip to Conenicut’s art galleries.
  • Visit Barkley’s Art Gallery.
  • See the greatest masterpieces from The Miller Family’s collections in their art gallery.
  • Learn about the city from the local painters’ pieces of art aggregated in The Art Gallery of Conenicut.
  • Enjoy incredible atmosphere of the spot located between the ocean and great areas of forests.

We provide:

  • Safe transfer service by modern, air-conditioned buses.
  • Our drivers’ full assistance throughout the journey.
  • English, french, german speaking tour guide.
  • Entry tickets to all the art galleries and museum during the trip.

Please note: parking and fuel fees are already included into the price.