Take this wonderful advantage and go with us to Jamestown, the first and the oldest English settlement in The United States.

The city established in 1600 became the first foothold for Europeans who started to compete reaching the New World. For a long time the whole city like the whole rest of America was dominated by Spanish people.

Sunset over Jamestown

Sunset over Jamestown

Everything has changed when the first European colony was established in Jamestown. During this trip through the city you will have this unique opportunity to learn a lot about the city history, culture, tidbits and a lot more. Jamestown is a really interesting place full of noteworthy events in its history. No wonder the city is the island’s busiest spot.

Tourists from America as well as from Europe keep visiting the village-city that is a great example of two cultures mix – Americans’ and European’. However, what you can discover in the city of Jamestown today are only few remains of the old times. But despite the rarity of the monuments, the remaining ones are great and vast enough to spend the whole day visiting them.

The city is full of important monument and statues.

The city is full of important monument and statues.

The first step we will take will be visiting the oldest cemetery in the city – the catacombs from the first years of the settlement existence. Since the town is a very important part of a national park all the relics on the city’s territory are under very protection of “The Association for the Preservation of Local Antiques”.

That means all the places you will have the chance to see are in perfect condition, they are diligently maintained. However, these are not only relics that you should not miss while walking around the town. One of the main attraction in here is “Jamestown Festival Park” where you can find replicas of the first se port of the colony, many classical old ships that first immigrants arrived by. They include the biggest and the most beautiful ones like “Discovery” or “Susan Constant”. 


  • Take this one day tour to Jamestown.
  • See the most multicultural city of Conanicut Island.
  • Visit the most important places around the town.
  • Take a walk through Jamestown Festival Park.
  • Admire valuable replicas in the park.
  • Enjoy the views.

Please note that passes to each attraction are not included into the total price.

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  • Transportation by modern, comfortable vehicles.
  • Professional driver.
  • Spanish, French or English speaking tour guide.
  • Lunchpack.
  • Door-to-door transportation.

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