What’s the connection between Conanicut Island and Krakow? Both places are the most popular summer destinations in their countries. Although far away from each other, they have something in common.
As a result of our cooperation with a Krakow tours company, we provide tours abroad as well. We created a special offer of airport transfers tickets for those travelers who use our service in both countries. Although those two places are located at 14-hours distance from each other, it’s definitely worth to see both.

Krakow tours - Old Town
Krakow tours attracts crowds everyday – Cloth Halls

Incredible heritage of Krakow

Krakow is an amazing city with rich history and culture. The number of its monuments on UNESCO list is really impressive. That’s why it’s a real paradise for those who like visiting museums, galleries and historic places. Just one look at the Main Square of the city and you know you won’t be bored there. St. Mary’s Basilica, Cloth Halls and Town Hall are proudly standing on the square welcoming crowds everyday.

Another object that makes Krakow tours so attractive is Wawel complex on Wawel Hill. It consists of royal palace, a beautiful cathedral, royal chambers and famous bell tower. What’s more, at it’s foothills, we can find the most popular Krakow citizen – Wawel dragon in front of his den.

However, Krakow it’s not only its amazing Old Town. In fact, each district of the city has something different to offer. Kazimierz district it’s an old Jewish city with inimitable atmosphere. Then, Nowa Huta is an “Utopian” communist city while Podgórze offers idyllic views and incredible historic objects. One of it is Oskar Schindlers Factory, which tells the story of prewar times in Krakow Ghetto. In addition, there are many green spaces in the city like parks, lagoons and river banks.

Krakow Tours – why is it so popular

Krakow is more and more popular among visitors from around the world. It’s due to its growing attractiveness both for tourists and workers. On the one hand people come to Krakow to learn its interesting history and see cultural heritage. On the other, it’s a great place of pure entertainment, parties and relax.

There are also more and more workers coming to the city for businesses. At the same time, they use the opportunity to go on some Krakow tours as well.

Here are some of the titles reached by Krakow:

  • 2002 – European Capital of the Culture
  • 2007 – the Trendiest City in the world
  • 2013 – UNESCO City of Literature
  • 2014 – European City of Sport

Krakow Tours offer

Booking one of the Krakow Tours, you’ll be offered the full service including:

  • modern, air-conditioned car
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Additionally, all Krakow tours are available in different languages including: Spanish, Italian, German, Czech, Slovakian, Russian, French, Portuguese. For more languages please ask customer service while booking your Krakow tours.