From Conanicut to Krakow Airport

Whether you’re looking for a summer or winter destination, for relaxation or for fun- Conanicut Island always has endless things to offer you! It is the second largest island in Narragansett Bay and is the heart of the state of Rhode Island.

Krakow, closer than you think

What does Krakow have in common with our wonderful island? Tourists! Just as in Poland, Krakow is the heart of the country for tourists, the center of student life, and the site of perfectly maintained monuments, the same is true on Conanicut Island.  This place has always been one of the most popular summer destinations in the United States. Many different resorts have developed over the years, but Conanicut Island is still one of the most visited destinations in the state of Rhode Island.

That is why we have developed our partnership with Krakow tours , a company that organizes tours to Krakow. You may be surprised, but it is one of the most popular cities in Poland visited by tourists from the USA. And considering the excellent air connections we have between the States and Poland, why not take advantage of it?

Airport transfer in Krakow

The excellent airline connections that directly transport tourists from the States to the Balice airport near Krakow have made it much easier for us to organize trips to this wonderful city. From Krakow airport there is no problem to get to the city center in less than 30 minutes. Both public transport, railroads and private carriers offer their services in this regard. From experience we can recommend Krakow Direct, which offers Krakow airport transfers, including VIP transfers. The employees are very helpful and offer advice on sightseeing in the city.

Tours to Krakow with Conanicut

It is no surprise that both of these destinations are the most popular summer destinations in their respective countries. Although on first thought, located far apart, they have something in common. As a result of our cooperation with a Krakow-based travel company, we are implementing tours abroad of our states. We have created a special offer of tickets for airport transfers for those travelers who use our services in both countries. Although these two places are 14 hours apart, it is definitely worth seeing both.

The incredible heritage of Krakow

Krakow is an amazing city with a rich history and culture. The number of its monuments on the UNESCO list is really impressive. Therefore, it is a real paradise for those who like to visit museums, galleries and historical places. Just one look at the Market Square and you will know that you will not be bored there. St. Mary’s Basilica, the Cloth Hall, and the Town Hall stand proudly on the square welcoming the crowds every day. The city is bustling with activity day and night, and you will hear languages from all over the world.

Another site that makes visiting Krakow so appealing is the Wawel Castle complex on Wawel Hill. It consists of the royal palace, the beautiful cathedral, the royal chambers and the famous bell tower. What’s more, at its foot in front of its lair is the most popular resident of Krakow – the Wawel Dragon.

However, Krakow is not only an amazing Old Town. In fact, each district of the city has something different to offer. Kazimierz district is an old Jewish town with a unique atmosphere. Then Nowa Huta is a “utopian” communist city, and Podgórze is idyllic views and amazing sights. One of them is Oskar Schindler’s Factory, which tells the story of pre-war Krakow ghetto times. Moreover, there are many green areas in the city, such as parks, lagoons and river banks, where you can relax or be active with your loved ones.

Krakow Tours – why it is so popular

Krakow is becoming increasingly popular among visitors from all over the world. This is due to its growing attractiveness for both tourists and employees. On the one hand, people come to Krakow to learn about its interesting history and see its cultural heritage. On the other hand, it is a great place for pure entertainment, events and relaxation.

More and more employees come to the city for business purposes. International companies are thriving here and fairs for entrepreneurs from all over the world are often organized. As a result, Krakow is also growing in terms of accommodation and catering. New hotels and restaurants of a very high standard are opening every now and then. At the same time, facilities full of attractions for children and adults, as well as shopping malls are being developed.

Thanks to its popularity, but also to its rich history and preserved culture, the city has managed to gain some outstanding titles:

  • 2002 – European Capital of Culture
  • 2007 – The Most Fashionable City in the World
  • 2013 – UNESCO City of Literature
  • 2014 – European City of Sport

Krakow tours offer

When booking one of our Krakow sightseeing tours, you will receive a full service including:

  • a modern, air-conditioned car
  • English speaking, friendly driver
  • Driver assistance and help with luggage
  • All transport costs
  • Local professional guide
  • Walking tour of Krakow/Electric car tour of Krakow
  • Door-to-door pick-up and drop-off

Additionally, all Krakow tours are available in a variety of languages including Spanish, Italian, German, Czech, Slovak, Russian, French, Portuguese. For more languages, ask customer service when booking your Krakow tours.

There’s no need to even think about it

Krakow is one of the places in the world which everyone who has the possibility should see and discover on their own. Television or newspapers cannot convey the climate of the city or the mentality of the people who live here. It is safe to say that Cracow does not differ much from the most famous cities in the world such as New York, Tokyo or London. It is obvious that everyone has their own “favourites”, but in our opinion, to create such a list, you should first see all of them with your own eyes.

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